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Positive Image 5th in Sheffield Knock Out

Postive Image CC achieved their best result in the 2019 Sheffield Knockout – an inter club competition featuring 26 clubs from Yorkshire and beyond. This is the best showing of PI in the 3 years we have entered this competition!

Well done to all the authors and all those that put forward images for selection.

This will be updated with the pictures / names soon!

New Programme Published

As you will be aware from the meetings, the programme was published on paper a month or so ago. This is now published on the website and this will be the master copy – check here if you get told the schedule is being revised and keep an eye on the meeting emails.

Additional Member Information on Website

The member only section of the website has been updated to include further information. This will be further updated over the next few months but highlights of what is there includes:-

  • Christmas meal selections
  • Latest homework slideshows
  • Competition Guidelines

To access the information you will need the members section password – this has been mentioned several times in meetings – if you don’t remember, message or email Andy H or Peter M. Further info to be added soon!

A new year dawns

As Positive Image camera club moves into its second year I think it’s fair to say that its success over the first year has surpassed everyones expectations with a very varied programme ensuring that all meetings were well attended. Hopefully as we progress we will be able to build on the initial success of the club and move from strength to strength. The aim is for the website to reflect ¬†the clubs growth, so ¬†hopefully as the club grows the website will grow alongside it. For now it is small beginnings but here’s to a bigger future.